New in version 0.0.3.

Cloudflare Pages can be used to host static files that’s generated by Hugo. Unlike Netlify and Vercel, Cloudflare pages does not come with a configuration file. That means to set the Hugo version an API is used to update or add HUGO_VERSION environment variable. uHugo can help you with that.

To tell uHugo to use Cloudflare the following configuration needs to be done in either config.yaml or config.toml.

name = "cloudflare"
project = "some-name"
email_address = "env:email_address"
account_id = "env:account_id"
api_key = "env:api_key"

email_address is your authentication email ID, account_id can be retrieved from Workers Dashboard and api_key can be retrieved from API Token and copy the “Global API Key”.


api_key must be a “Global API Key” or else the API cannot be authenticated.


For security reasons, it is highly recommended that you not save API keys in the configuration file but rather set it as an environment variable. For example, whenever a configuration property is set to env:api_key, uHugo will search for api_key=some-key as the environment variable.